DSi Ware apre i battenti in Giappone

Il tanto atteso servizio di download destinato alla nuova console portatile Nintendo DSi aprirà i battenti in Giappone la vigiglia di Natale.

DSi Ware offrirà quindi la possibilità di poter scaricare i nuovi titoli e software che sfruttano le nuove funzonalità della console DSi. Il prezzo dei prodotti proposti varierà dai 200 agli 800 DSi Point e tra i primi titoli di lancio possiamo trovare anche il nuovo WarioWare e la versione portatile di Dr. Mario.

Ricordiamo che DSi Ware debutterà in Giappone il 24 Dicembre. Di seguito la lista completa dei titoli.

Moving Memo Book
A free digital note book and scheduler that lets you input notes directly through the stylus. Using the DSi’s camera, you can create a comic which can be shared with friends who can add their own edits.

Bird and Beans
In this 200 DSi Point game, you take control of a bird and attempt to catch beans while avoiding a hit to the head. Clear certain conditions, and you gain access to a seed toss game.

Paper Airplane
You might remember this 200 DSi Point game from Made in Wario. Using left and right on the D-pad, you attempt to control a paper airplane’s descent. In addition to a single player time attack mode, the game includes a two player battle mode. Both players use the same DSi system.

A Little Magic Tournament
This series of three titles is based off Nintendo’s DS Magic Taizen game. Three Shuffle Games, Funy Face, and Scary Numbers will be sold individually at 200 DSi Points each.

Art Style Aquario/Decode

Games in the Art Style series have stylistic themes around a fusion of sound and visuals. Aquario and Decode will be available separately at 500 DSi Points each. Aquario is a block puzzle game where you attempt to line up like-colored pieces. Decode is a number puzzle game in which you arrange numbers on a panel and attempt to create sums of ten.

A Little Dr. Mario

This 500 DSi Point version of Dr. Mario offers an original mode, where you play until reaching game over, and a versus CPU mode.

Utsusu Made in Wario
This is the camera-based Made in Wario game that was announced just before the DSi’s Japanese release. You use the DSi camera to take your picture, then move the image of your hand and head around in mini games. Sample games include sticking two fingers in a nose and moving your head around to have it be covered by a hat. Pricing is set at 500 DSi Points.

Simple Trumps
This 500 DSi Point card game is based off the DS title Daredemo Asobi Taizen Collection. It includes Old Maid, Speed, Sevens, Shinkei Suijaku, and Doubt. Download play support is included for both competitive play and for sending demo games to friends (these are deleted once the DSi’s power is turned off).

A Little Brain Age: Word Version/Logic Version
The DSi Ware Brain Age series includes training based around the system’s camera and audio recording functionality. The Word version is focused on writing and reading kanji characters. The Logic version is focused on numbers and math. Each is sold separately at 800 DSi Ware Points.

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