Football Manager 2009: rilasciata la patch 9.2.0

Football Manager 2009: rilasciata la patch 9.2.0

Nel trambusto generale natalizio ci eravamo persi il rilascio da parte di Sports Interactive della nuova patch di Football Manager 2009, che porta il gioco alla versione 9.2.0 giusto in tempo per goderselo con un po’ di calma in più durante le feste.

Mentre la lista dei cambiamenti è come al solito enorme e quindi la potete trovare dopo la pausa, tra essi troviamo diversi fix a problemi più o meno gravi del gioco tra cui uno riguardante la coppa di Serie C. Oltre alla soluzione di bug vari è stato anche aggiornato il database: nel caso in cui si voglia usare i dati nuovi è necessario ricominciare una partita daccapo, mentre se si vuole continuare col vecchio database è possibile mantenere i salvataggi, compatibili con la nuova patch.


Crash Fixes
– Fixed Italian C Cup crash when C2 league not selected.
– Fixed Crash when continuing game – TRANSFER_MANAGER::create_promotion_cash_info.
– Fixed Crash TRANSFER_MANAGER::transfer_player.
– Fixed Crash fixture_rules->does_player_need_registered – NULL squad_selection_rules passed in.
– Fixed startup crash on Mac in some cases if a custom database folder does not exist.

– Phil Jagielka is no longer described as a GK on the player profile screen (when player pictures are disabled).
– Goalkeepers no longer included when working out the worst passing statistics for the team information screen.
– More variation in number of games played by players playing for clubs in inactive nations.
– Adjusted Scottish cup attendances.
– Fixed “Mistakes led to 1 goals” feedback string in motivation information.
– User can no longer reject a transfer offer via the Transfer Centre if his club is bankrupt.
– News about reserve team bans being extended now sent to first team manager.
– Assistant manager match analysis now shows if a user takes control of a team who didn’t have an Asst Man, and then employs one.
– Human managers with Belgian nationality now have both Dutch and French as their languages.
– Fixed contract issues with newgens in certain nations like Scotland where they weren’t given a proper contract.
– Prevented assistant manager from saying a player had played a poor game riddled with mistakes if he had a good rating still.
– Stopped non-managerial staff members being marked in landmarks as “Manager leaves ” when they take on a manager role at another club.
– Fixed Osasuna newgen youth cities of birth to be in the right local region.
– Adjusted attendance for English Conference playoff final.
– Community Shield pitch no longer has terrible pitch condition in the first season.
– Spanish B team managers can now move players from C/U19 teams.
– Stopped the board rejecting request to relay the pitch when it is in very poor condition.
– Fixed bug where national team human manager is unable to filter/sort his player search after clicking on the Scout Recommendation column to sort the players.
– Fixed bug where squad numbers could not be changed for players on the main squad number selection date, in leagues which allow a max of 100 numbers.
– Players in the reserve team but marked as not available for the reserves now do not get picked for the reserves.
– Players now come back from holiday a bit earlier for pre-season.
– Players on loan at the start of the game have their days to gain nationality set for the season before.
– Newgens have the club join date set correctly.
– Players who used to play for Toronto FC (pre-game start) have days to gain nationality for Canada rather than USA.
– Fixed bug that would allow you to pick players for the Olympics that break the overage player rules causing the squad to become invalid later and be force re-picked to meet the rules by the AI.
– Stopped Brazilian State leagues being counted in clubs highest and lowest league position records.
– Stopped players basic valuations from jumping significantly after matches.
– Ensured managers are appointed quicker towards the end of the season.
– Fixed some amatuer contract offers resulting in paying the player wages.
– More changes to increase the number of sacking/manager movement.
– Stopped human controlled teams coaching staff from having thier contracts automatically renewed.
– Fixed issue on Job Status screen which resulted in screen being very slow when loading up.
– Made changes to help prevent managers at very top clubs from taking up international manager jobs.
– Fixed issue which prevented ‘B’ clubs from appointing new managers.
– Made changes to help prevent players who have been declared to play for reserves from playing in GK positions.
– Adjusted attendance changes for promoted/relegated teams.

– Fixed bug where players who moved on a free after a loan spell (pre-game histories) did not have the fee shown on the player career history screen.
– Fixed issue where club badges were sometimes not coming up on network clients.
– Re-enabled to “Overall” summary line in the Finances-Salary screen that was not being displayed.
– Live league table for Croation First Division now shows correct table when the league enters the 3rd round of matches.
– Fixed duplicate skin entries on the Preferences screen.
– Fixed Hall Of Fame record stats not appearing on manager’s history panel.
– Made the sub-header graphics different to the header graphics.
– Fixed bug where person achievements would sometimes not appear when clicking on a club row.
– Fixed team/player profile box not appearing on administration news item.
– Manager Information screen now always shows correct league and cup wins for the current club.
– Match widgets are now slighty transparent.
– Match widgets can be minimised.
– Fixed classic View camera selection changing when browsing off screen and going back when viewing a saved match.
– Added ability to set view to TV or Classic in pre-match screens.
– Fixed “Play” text at half-time when a tactical chenge is made, then cancelled.
– Fixed incorrect string in error dialog when attempting to save a tactics file with a duplicate name.
– Yellow card match notifications should no longer get “stuck” on screen.
– Fixed tooltip for ‘Tactics’ when a match is running within TV View.
– Fixed some layout on the assistant manager feedback floating widget.
– Fixed tactics button not appearing sometimes in ‘TV View’ during a match.

– Prevented unnecessary budget alteration news while takeover is in process.
– Adjusted contract type and wage given to Danish youth players.
– Adjusted part-time wages in Denmark.
– Adjusted Indian season ticket prices.
– Adjusted new stadium financing for MLS clubs.
– Adjusted youth wages for Northern Ireland and Wales.
– Adjusted Brazilian club finances.

Board Confidence
– Fixed fans being “disappointed that a player has played so few games for the club” when they have been ineligible to play any matches.

International Management
– Stopped user being able to take sole control of U23 team when adding new user.
– Fixed occasional international bio string mentioning a young player ‘trying to make the step up’ when he is yet to establish himself at youth level.
– Fixed headline “ Represents ” on international roundup when player actually played for youth side.
– Fixed rare instance of international manager watching a match to look at a player for his next squad when the player is already an international for another country.
– Fixed bug where some overage players can be selected for U21 finals.

– Fixed incorrect number of apps in “…and has performed well in the appearances he has made in an shirt this season.” string.
– Improved selection of media sources for lower league news stories (fixes reporting on teams outside their remit).
– Fixed chairman name not appearing in news string regarding aniversary of B team clubs.
– News of managerial appointments now sent to inbox when human is unemployed.
– Offering a player who is on the transfer list to clubs results in a news item suggesting you transfer list that player.
– Fixed League Round-Up wrongly stating that 4+ goals from a player in a big victory ‘was not enough’.
– Praising a players recent form no longer generates contridictory player and manager interaction responses on a players profile.
– Fixed default action taken by club on player injury/illness while user is on holiday not being described in inbox message.
– Web addresses no long start with a capital W in www.
– Improved news item chain when releasing a player on a free while he is in contract negotiations with another club.

Press Conferences
– Fixed player occasionally referring to male manager as “her” in player reaction.
– Fixed user being asked about defending their title crown when not the top division.
– Fixed press conference refering to a dismissal influencing ‘a game you were leading but went on to lose’ when team was drawing at the time.
– Fixed issue where media thought tie was two-legged if the match was moved and played at a later date than usual.
– Fixed question about players being at loggerheads still being asked over a year after original occurance.

Board Takeovers
– Slightly decreased likelihood of getting a tycoon takeover.
– Ensure manager gets a clean slate for board requests when a new chairman takes over.

– Allowed players with a future transfer arranged to be given a squad number.
– Stopped you being allowed to transfer or loan list players who also have a non-playing job at your club.
– Helped increase number of south American transfers into Spain.
– Helped ensure clubs replace sold GK’s in a quicker manner so they aren’t short when transfer closes.
– Stopped bidding clubs repeatedly offering long term loan offer for same player.
– Ensured scouts at lower division clubs start looking at lower standard players quicker when assigned.
– Stopped humans being able to sell poor players for silly fees.
– Changed feedback for rejected loan items news item to not state silly loan fees and instead state player not available for loan.
– Stopped Ability to sign transfer listed (Not listed for loan) players on loan with no wage contribution.
– Allowed squad rotation squad status below the premiership.
– Another fix to help prevent inflated transfer fees for some players.
– Put some changes in to help increase the number of co-ownshership deals in italian football.
– Made changes to help increase number of recently released youth players find new clubs.
– Stopped some clubs rejecting loan offers and quoting lack of wage percentage as reason, when in fact they just don’t want to loan the player to that club.

Network Game
– Fixed bug in network games when user is always forced to new screen if he has been forced to continue.

Low Detail Match Engine
– Fixed bug whch would sometimes cause a substitution to be made very early in the match for no reason.


– European Cup group winners now always play 1st leg of next round away.
– Fixed some qualification problems where sometimes a team in 2nd place would qualify for the Champions League group stage directly instead of the team in 1st place.
– Moved Euro Cup squad selection date for group stage a week later (from the 2009/10 season).
– British referees will not referee games involcing british teams.

– Added Club World Championship 5th/6th place playoff.

– Correct australian teams in 2008 Asian Champions League.
– Asian Champions League now takes place every year (a fix made for another issue in 9.1.0 caused it to not take place sometimes).
– Wellington Phoenix are now eligble for the Asian Champions League.

– Fixed bug were new signings in Austria were not being registered for matches properly.

– Fixed bug where Belgian First Division winner in first year doesn’t get any news items about being champions.

– Youth contract players not allowed to play in competitive matches.
– Fixed bug in some state competitions where if a team wins both opening and closing stages, no landmark would be added.
– Updated Sao Paulo State Championship TV rights and prize money.
– Trial days are now held after the first season.

– Fixed reserve team fixture venue not being opposite of first team fixture venue.

Czech Republic
– Fixed a problem with the Czech Cup cup draw around 12th July where the game would take a long time to make the draw.

– Improved transfer values in Denmark.
– Fixed FC Amager not participating in the Danish Cup.

– 3 players aged 18 can now play in English U18 matches
– Improved end of season scheduling for English FA Cup and Premier Division for seasons after 2008-2009.
– Players on loan from clubs outside of england no longer count towards the maximum of 5 players in the matchday squad rule.
– FA cup draw fixed.
– Saturday evening English Premiership matches should kickoff at 17.30 instead of 17.15.
– Fixed Blue Sqaure Prem playoff number of Subs and Final at Wembley.
– Fixed league playoffs semi finals 2nd leg home advantage.
– Improved selection of English Premiership television matches.

– Removed player registeration from Finnish League Cup.

– Teams in UEFA Cup don’t always have their league games moved to Sunday for TV if they are not playing on the Thursday before.
– Fixed not all First Division teams playing last round of league matches on last day of season due to a German team reaching Champions Cup final.

– Fixed Greek European playoffs.

– Fixed Dutch Eredivisie Schedule.

– Fixed Israeli National League Toto Cup Semi-Finals venue.
– Updated Israeli State Cup schedule.

– Fixed domestic suspensions not being enforced.

Nothern Ireland
– Fixed Prem division league split bug.

– Fixed Prem playoff draw.
– Updated First division prize money.
– Fixed age limit error for U19 matches.
– Made it a little be easier to sign Non-EU players for Norwegian clubs in Premier or First Division.

– Fixed Polish FA Cup round 1 and 2 draw.
– Fixed correct team not being entered into the Champions League.

– Adjusted prize money for the Portugese Cup.
– Teams start the second stage of the Portugese Second Division on half the points they managed in the first stage.

– Added winter break for reserves competition.
– Fixed Serbian cup draws.

– Fixed Spanish 2nd Division B kick off times.
– Stopped B Teams playing in Spanish cup.

– Fixed Playoff draw to First Division Elite.

– Fixed Turkish Cup away goals rule.
– U23 player match day requirement for Premier Division amended to U23 club home grown player match day requirement.

United States
– Stopped American and Mexican teams playing each other in the NACL.
– MLS teams now dont qualify for Copa Sudamericana.
– Senior Development players at the start of the game now are paid the correct wage.
– Stopped players at human managed clubs been waivered without them asking them to be.
– Fixed not be able to give players squad numbers after using auto pick.
– Staff members no longer can be offered Developmental, Senior Developmental or Senior contracts.
– The second Designated Player only counts 65,000 towards the cap instead of 15,000.
– Removed the minimum release clauses for players playing in the USL 1 and USl 2.
– The Super, Supplemental and Waiver drafts are always held.
– Stopped user been able to offer non Designated player contract with Designated player wages, and offering a Designated player contract with non Designated player wages.
– Improved AI teams waivering players due to give Senior contracts to players on Generation Adidas, Senior Dev or Dev contracts forcing them over the squad limits.
– When running the USA league in view only mode the Designated and International players are not released and available on a free transfer e.g. David Beckham.
– Squad bonus news item now reports the teams correct finishing position.
– Fixed Players in the drafts can sometimes not be picked.
– Teams no longer passing in the first couple of rounds of the draft.
– Player Rights no longer are retained when a player is waived unless they were drafted in the current seasons draft.
– Player Rights no longer are retained when a player is sold to a non-MLS team for money.
– Top four teams in the overall standings qualify for the Superliga.
– Stopped players squad numbers been removed from teams after every MLS match.

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