Tom Clancy's The Division: svelata la lista dei Trofei PlayStation 4

A un giorno di distanza dall'uscita di The Division, su Internet arriva la lista dei Trofei del titolo di Ubisoft.

A distanza di 24 ore dall'uscita di The Division nei negozi, la lista dei Trofei dell'attesissimo titolo targato Ubisoft è stata pubblicata su PSN Profiles. In totale i possessori di PlayStation 4 potranno andare a caccia di 51 obiettivi, divisi tra uno di tipo platino, 3 oro, 5 argento e ben 42 bronzo.

La lista di Trofei ne comprende naturalmente di tutti i gusti, compresa una divertente citazione di Dredd che all'urlo di "La legge sono io!" ci invita a uccidere 20 rogue agent nella Dark-Zone, l'area PvP di The Division. Ma bando alle ciance, ecco la lista completa:

Platinum Agent: Unlocked every Trophy in Tom Clancy’s The Division™.

State of the Art: Fully Upgrade the Base of Operations.
On the Level: Reach Level 30 with an Agent.
Know No Fear: Finish all of the missions at Level 30 on the Hard difficulty.

United We Stand: At lvl 30 start and complete a Co-op Mission without anyone being Downed or Dying.
One Down, Two to Go!: Completely upgrade any one wing of the Base of Operations.
Master Craftsman: Craft a high-end item.
Fixer Upper: Completely upgrade any two wings of the Base of Operations.
Bling! Bling!: Equip all Equipment slots with Superior or High end Items.

You Win Some, You Lose Some: Recover Tchernenko’s research data from the Russian Consulate.
You Just Made the List…: Kill 10 Named Enemies in the Dark Zone.
Worth the Wait: Successfully Extract a contaminated item from the Dark Zone.
What Needs To Be Done: Recover Charles Bliss’ propaganda tape.
Those Signature Moves: Activate any of the Signature Skills 100 times.
The Humanitarian: Purchase the Canine Unit and Pediatric Care Base of Operations Upgrade.
The Finder: Retrieve 20 missing First Wave Division Agent profiles.
The Final Curtain: Uncover the fates of Gordon Amherst and Aaron Keener.
The Engineer: Rescue Paul Rhodes.
The Doctor: Rescue and extract Dr. Jessica Kandel.
The Captain: Rescue Captain Roy Benitez.
Survivalist: Recover 24 Survival Handbook pages.
Skillz: Equip 10 different skill mods.
Skill Kill: Finish off 50 enemies using Skills.
Shut That Door: Close a car door whilst in cover.
Shadows of the Past: Activate 63 ECHO scenes.
Raid the Arsenal: Kill 1 enemy with each of the 6 Gun classes.
Plundered!: Extract a Superior or High end Item from the Dark Zone.
Outbreak: Secure a sample of the original virus strain.
Networking: Complete 20 Missions as part of a group.
Natural Talent: Be attributed with a kill whilst having a Talent active.
Medic!: Revive a teammate 20 times in co-op.
Mass Extraction: Extract an item at all 8 Extraction Zones.
Marathon: Discover ALL of the Safe Houses in Manhattan.
Looking for Group: Join or create a group.
Lean On Me: Heal or buff 100 times whilst in a group.
Last Man Standing: Eliminate the leader of the Last Man Battalion and his men in the U.N. Building.
Incident Reports: Extract 40 audio incident reports from JTF laptops.
I’ve Got the Power: Secure the Power Plant.
I am the LAW!: Kill 20 Rogue Agents.
Headhunter: Kill a named Elite in the Dark Zone.
Hardened Combatant: Complete a mission in Challenge mode.
Good With My Hands: Craft 10 items.
Gain a Foothold: Regroup with Faye Lau in the Base of Operations.
For Justice!: Kill a player who has Gone Rogue.
Fly on the Wall: Restore the JTF comm relay.
Droning on…: Extract 16 aerial photos from crashed drones.
Deconstructive Criticism: Deconstruct 100 items.
Crime and Punishment: Eliminate the leader of the Rikers gang and her bodyguards in Lexington Event Center.
Can’t Stand the Heat!: Eliminate the leader of the Cleaners and escape the Napalm Production Site.
Agent Diaries: Extract 130 phone recordings from phones found in Manhattan.
Activated: Get to Manhattan.

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