The Last Guy arriva in Europa questo mese

SCEE ha annunciato, tramite comunicato stampa, il rilascio europeo di The Last Guy.

L'interessante videogame che sfrutta le funzionalità di Google Earth, usicto i Giappone il 31 Luglio, è atteso quindi entro il mese di Agosto sul PlayStation Store del nostro paese. Il compito del giocatore sarà quello di portare in salvo numerosi sopravvissuti presenti nelle città di Asakusa, Los Angeles e Londra, interamente ricostruite tramite le immagini satellitari.

Di seguito potete vedere due nuovi filmati e la press release di Sony.

The Last Guy™: a world tour of monster evasion

Monsters are rampaging through the world’s most famous cities; can you lead the survivors to safety in this fun and frantic downloadable game for PS3™

London, 1st August: This August, take a world tour with a difference with The Last Guy™, the new downloadable title from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) PLAYSTATION®Network on PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™). Set in the aftermath of a strange event that has caused many people to turn into fierce monsters, this fast-paced and fun game challenges players to save humanity by leading everybody else through the streets of world cities to safety. With a focus on gameplay rather than gore, The Last Guy is a game that’ll keep you coming back for more monster mayhem every time.

The Last Guy takes an aerial view of the action, making the gameplay easy to control and displaying the game’s levels – faithful recreations of 14 world cities created with aerial photography – from above, in HD graphics. As the mysterious mutant, you must gather the survivors into lines and lead them through the streets. Each city has an escape zone which you must lead your lines of people into while avoiding the enemy at all costs; one touch from a monster means instant death.

The Last Guy’s varied locations include Asakusa, Los Angeles and London – it’s a real world tour of monster evasion. There are ten types of monster in all, including Insect monsters that’ll hunt you down and Gatekeeper monsters that guard the exit zones. You’ll encounter barricades that the monsters have built in the street; you’ll need a certain number of people in your line to break through them. Rescue enough people before the evacuation boats arrive and you’ll clear the stage; progress far enough and you’ll unlock boss stages where the monster-evading action will be even more frantic.

Are you ready to lead the remains of humanity to a monster-free future? Look out for The Last Guy for PS3, available to download exclusively from PLAYSTATION Network this August in PAL territories.


via | Videogaming247

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